August 29, 2010

Free Gain Dish Soap

That 1.00 off coupon in todays paper is going to get you some free dish soap. Rite aide and walmart both have them under 1.00 this week, so that means free dish soap and who doesn't like free :). Plus possibble overage.

What would you like to see covered

Hi there, I am doing this blog for you my freinds and family. I want to help you all be savvy shoppers and stretch those dollars. So what would you like to see? This week I am going to do an article on stockpiling, and on  coupon organization. If you have any questions, comments or ideas please share.

Happy shopping

coupons in the paper 8/2

There are three inserts this week, one redplum, one smart source, and one proctor and gamble. Also check parade  for coupons

walgreens deals starting august 29

breath right strips 4.00 get 4.00 rr

walgreens perfection tampons 1.99 get 2.00rr

Kroger Deal starting August 30th

These are the best things I see so far to stock  up on.

Mission Corn tortillas .99  use 1.00/1  8-15ss  =free

reach floss  1.00  use .50/1 from 4-11rp or 8-1ss  = free

minute maid frozen lemonade  cups 1.00 use .75/1 from 8-15rp  = .25

sunny d 1.25  use .25/1 from 8-8 ss = .75

dial hand soap bars or pump  1.00 use .35/1 from ???  = .30

August 24, 2010

Meijer Hot deal on Clorox Wipes To Go

Look around Meijer for the Clorox To Go I found them in the cleaning Isle and the  Travel size isle marked .99 so 2 for 2.97 plus tax. But the best part is you get a 3.00 off coupon to use for next time. So free

Krogers through 8/29

Theses are the best deals I see

 mission corn tortillas .99 use 1.00/1 =free

minute maid frozen lemonade 4 cups 1.00 use .50/1=free

hunts snack pack 1.00 use .50/2= .50 each

country crock 1.00 use .40/1 = .20

right guard 1.00 use 1.50/2 = .25 each

...dial hand soap 1.00 use .35/1 = .30

if your store doubles up to 1.00 you can get the following with coupons to get them free or I have a price.

energizer flash light use 1.00/1

nabisco crackers use 1.00/1

dannons yourgorts use 1.00/1

ball canning supplies use 1.00/1

friskie cat treats use 1.00/1

oxy use 1.00/1

stridex use 100/1

bic pens use 1.00/1

energizer bayyeries use 1.00/1 pay .50

tornados use 1.00/1 pay .49

We are back up and running

Had taken a break for a while, but now we are back up and running. Will give it another go as I miss helping people save money. I am hoping that this time around will go better, I am givig my self  three months to reach some goals on here. If it doesn't happen will be shutting down for good.  So please let me know what you would like to see and if you have any ideas for the blog let me know.

Happy Shopping