September 12, 2009

Rite Aid GOS "Gift of savings program"

 Rite Aid Gift of Savings program. Between 9/13 and 10/17, when you...

Spend $25, you'll get back $5

Or spend $50.01, you'll get back $10

Or spend $100.01, you'll get back $20

This is on top of all their regular rebates! So if you were to buy the Suave lotion listed below, you'd get back the $1 for that rebate, and the $1.99 purchase price also counts towards your GOS spending. Don't forget about all your little purchases too, a newspaper here, a gallon of milk there, a soda on the way to work, well get it at Rite Aid. This helps out majorly to get stocking stuffers or to use them  to keep rolling coupons or rebate items.

I do this in mine and dh names.

Remember save those recipts.

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