November 19, 2009

The coupon queen or coupon stud frugal christmas gifts.

Many of you have been following my blog for a while now. Well here is a great frugal gift idea for you for the holidays.  I started couponing last year and did this for everyone on my list but the kids last year and everyone loved it but one perosn and that person is a pain anyways.

Depending on how much you want to do, get a cheap laundry basket at the dollar store or a storage tote (which we did last year, as it has a lid and all I had to do  was put a bow on it. )  Then go through your stockpile and fill the container up with items from your stockpile.

We used. shampoo, conditioner, hair stylers, brushes, razors, shave gel, soap, makeup, face wash, lotions, medicines, paper products, laundry and cleaning supplies. We were able to do some really neat things with it.  You also can add food items to it if you wish and anything personal they may like.  Everyone was thrilled with this as they got many month supply of items and then could use there money on what ever they may need or want and not have to buy the silly everyday items.

Last year was the first year of this and I have already had people asking me are you doing this again this year? My sil loves htis stuff.  So since it was such a hit last year we will be doing it again this year but a bit different.

Also if you got in on the glade candle deals lately, make a small candle thing up for teachers, mail person, or anyone as a little thank you.

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