December 28, 2009

Goals for 2010

So since this is a money saving blog, I have been doing alot of thinking and I think if I post my goals here it will help hold us accountable. We have decided to go full time with Dave Ramsey program and hopefully we will be debt free in a couple years.

Some goals for this year are to:

1. Open a Christmas club. Have 1200 saved for Christmas shopping next year.
2. Pay off my Mountaineer. We have 3 years left on the loan but it will be paid off in 2010 with Daves program.
3. Set up our emerganvy fund and have 3 month expenses in it. Will have to figure totals out.

Those are my top 3. At the end of each month I will post how we have done.

So if you would like share what your top 3 or even ome goal is.


  1. Your off to a good start!

    How are you restructuring to pay off your car so quickly?

    How are you breaking down your emergency fund to save for - how much are you looking to save?

  2. Hi Nancy and Thanks. Id love to have you be a follower of my blog.

    We are doing the Dave Ramsey rogram and I will be using the extra money from 2 credit cards to send in for extra car payments.

    We are still working on the emergancy fund and trying to decide how much to save. Id like to have 6 months to a year save.