January 3, 2010

I know I said no grocery shopping

But had coupons expiring today and it made the items free plus overage so off to Kroger I wen.

What I got:

20 McCormick Cocktail sauces 1.00 used .50 off coupon expires today doubled to 1.00 so free
20 Rolaids 1.59 used 10 4.00/2 coupons so got   overage of .82 for each coupon I love this coupon.
10 nestle choclate mils 1.69 used .50 doubled to 1.00 so 6.90
2 loaves of bread. @1.00 each
1 dozen eggs used free item coupon
1 pack of gum 1.28

Paid 3.46 on a gift card so really nothing out of pocket.  But I wil tally that into my 40.00 a month budget for Jan so I have 36.54 left for the month

Also used ecb at cvs and got 2 gallons of milk for free today.

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