September 1, 2010

1st question . How many papers should I buy?

Well lets see, this is a tricky question; but my rule of thumb is one paper for each member of the family. This was before I found out about clipping services and paper retrivers, or finding someone who delivers.

Cliping services are great and even ebay to order certain coupons to stock up for. Say cereal has a coupon for 1.00 off and your store doubles to 1.00 and the ceral is 2.00 well then it would be free. So If I can buy 20 coupons off of ebay for the cereal my family eats and pay say 2.49 for 20 coupons, then I have 20 boxes of cereal for 2.49 and that will last us a while and cheaper then one box.

Many states have paper retrivers that you can get newspaper inserts from.

Do you get the paper delivered? Do you know someone who delivers? Well if you do ask them what they do with the extra inserts. They may just give them to you because other wise they get dumped.

Ask freinds and family to save there coupons for you.

Now days I always buy one paper unless good and then I buy 3. But 9 times out of 10 I get extras from freinds or the paper retriver. So usually I have 20 to 30 inserts on good weeks, heck some weeks I end up with well over 200 inserts and then share them.

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